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September 2018

I am truly thrilled to be stepping into a leadership role at Introspecs. While designing and running operations may not seem as glamorous as moving to Copenhagen, I am very excited to dig in and continue executing terrific Introspecs projects. Allisen has established an incredible foundation for Introspecs based on personal relationships, attention to detail, intuitive functionality, and a timeless aesthetic. I will look to preserve these values, while adding my own colorful flair to the mix. As a graduate of the University of Nebraska’s College of Architecture, I have taken every opportunity to design, learn about the building process, and increase my professional understanding. This has continued as I have worked with Allisen + our

I’m so excited to share some really big news: I’m moving to Copenhagen at the end of this month!!! Virginia Gormley, Senior Interior Designer extraordinaire, will manage Introspecs design projects on the Portland front, while I’ll support her remotely from abroad