We are passionate about creating new experiences and better relationships for our clients through spatial design. We are experts in laying out space, whether it’s providing you with an innovative fresh set of design/construction drawings or putting pen to trace paper, tweaking existing space and forging new spaces in your home…we fondly view this as a game of Tetris! Introspecs can be your extra set of eyes in seeing your space for what it is and re-envisioning it, tailored to your needs and desires for a better day-to-day experience.

For some homeowners, it can be really challenging to find a common interior design thread to create cohesiveness throughout the home and a subtle transition between adjacent spaces. Sound familiar? Introspecs has the educational background and professional knowledge and expertise to respond to the existing context of a home, honoring architectural details of the period in which the house was built. We also love love looove to juxtapose and layer in modern, rich textures and patterns against classic woodwork detailing or fixtures. Whether your project involves working with existing elements, or a full-scale demolition and redesign, Introspecs’ expert space planning and keen sense for material and finish combinations can help ease the decision-making process and bring clarity and fun to your project.

Aside from the aesthetic identity crisis, often times partners in the same household can’t seem to find the time (or tools) to effectively share ideas with each other, so the project stalls or never quite gets launched in the first place!

Introspecs provides design direction, as well as intuitive support as a client/partner liaison throughout the project. We bring a natural ability and years of experience in listening to our clients and team members, and sensing when to step in and help with communication.

Apart from our passion for learning our clients in order to produce the best design solutions, we just love getting to know our clients and being a part of the family for the duration of the project. We’ve been lucky enough to watch families grow into the spaces we’ve designed for them, and it’s a huge reward for us, knowing we’re affecting positive change through highly thought-out, energetically calming spaces.