A well-designed kitchen is one of the most enjoyable features a home can have and offers the highest return-on-investment when you put it on the market. Kitchens have traditionally been the “heart” of the home and main gathering place for families, now more than ever as cooking has become even more socially engaging and family-focused with raised bed gardening and modern homesteading.

Introspecs brings in-depth knowledge of spatial layouts + kitchen cabinetry detailing to each project, transforming awkward, dead spaces into functional, usable square footage. We work with our clients from the start, providing new conceptual layouts and storage techniques for your kitchen and pantry storage, and consistently make it our goal to maximize counter-space, increase efficiency of storage, and show off sophisticated finish and hardware combinations within an overall integrated, beautiful design.

Our favorite kitchen design features include:

  • Wine storage
  • Social + family seating at the island or eating nook
  • Laptop or iPad recipe docking station
  • Movable island for flexible use + modular placement
  • Charging stations + catch-all keys/purse drawer
  • Kids’ zone for art + school supplies
  • Pantry/surplus storage + organizational solutions