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Our Story


Introspecs is a tight-knit team of designers with diverse skills and backgrounds. We love working together, learning from each other, and learning from our clients.

Allisen Larsen


Allisen is the founder and Principal Designer of Introspecs and her combination of right- and left-brain skills keeps everything humming along. She loves using her creativity, intuition and practical insights to shape space and connect with people.

Allisen grew up in Michigan + Oregon and attended architecture school at the University of Oregon where she specialized in Interior Architecture. Launching Introspecs was one of her best decisions ever! When not designing or meeting with clients, Allisen enjoys a good game of ping pong, yoga, and as much world travel as she can manage.

Virginia Gormley

Virginia Gormley

Senior Interior Designer

With a passion for color, unexpected details, and personable design, Virginia brings a unique creative flair to the Introspecs team. She enjoys using her unconventional design sense to create truly one-of-a-kind spaces that reflect clients’ personalities and lifestyles.

A graduate from the College of Architecture at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Virginia received her Bachelor of Science in Design and has taken every opportunity to design and create. This has increased her understanding of how to use design as a means to facilitate the interaction of people + space. Outside of business hours, you can find Virginia singing poorly at karaoke, cycling to breweries or reading in the park.

Scott Cummings

Team Operations

Scott sometimes gets so excited about new ideas that he interrupts himself. This comes with the territory of having many passions and being deeply knowledgeable. Scott brings skills and experience in ideation, fabrication details and project management to Introspecs.

In addition to his work with Introspecs, Scott is also an expert metal worker and the founder of Base Modern, makers of simple, modern, handcrafted home objects + décor. You can find Scott spending time with his 2 daughters, sipping on his 4th cup of coffee or enjoying a great saison beer.


Introspecs has been designing commercial spaces, whole houses, ADUs, custom kitchens and baths since 2006. We’ve grown from a one-woman show to a dedicated + tight knit team…and are now on sabbatical in Copenhagen Denmark for a couple of adventurous years abroad!

We love creating modern designs for real people. While we’re focused on aesthetics, we’re deeply committed to human context + client-responsive design. In other words, we always look for solutions that will work beautifully and stand the test of time.

Introspecs is a woman-owned business, currently operating from a satellite office in Copenhagen, Denmark.