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    Bright + Open Headquarters

    Noto Group, an executive search company based in Portland, OR, approached Introspecs for the design of their new office headquarters located in the Pearl District. Their industrial office space is open with high ceilings, divided by a long structural wall with a large opening. As Noto Group specializes in representing outdoor + sustainable brands, our main design directive for brand communication was to convey a “modern lodge”. Working from this point of inspiration, we created a variety of work zones + flexible, break-away meeting spaces in their open floor plan through color blocking with different shades of green. 

    We highlighted the structural spatial division by painting one side of the office a dark charcoal, and keeping the other half a bright, fresh white. This color scheme lends itself to the respective work functions as well as acts as intuitive wayfinding. The entry landing space + large conference room are located on the dark side, evoking a more refined experience for guests + prospective clients, while the employee-centered work spaces including lounge + kitchen/dining area on the light side are energizing + conducive to working productively. The leather + wood accents throughout the space are a grounding reference to nature, and combine handsomely with the streamlined kitchen design + modern furniture profiles.

    Pearl District, PDX
    Full Interior Design
    Greg Sprando Construction, Millbourn Woodworks
    Caleb Vandermeer Photography