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    Hygge at Home

    Our clients Danielle and Seth are raising 2 rowdy boys + until recently, those kiddos had full run of the place. But as play dates morphed into couple gatherings while the kids hung out, it was time for a corner of the house to be reclaimed for the adults.

    Introspecs carefully worked from a concept of Scandinavian-inspired design, space planning and selecting all interior elements to give these hard-working parents a place to chill out + connect. With a complete redesign of the interior door + window trim package, as well as fireplace insert + surrounding hearth, there’s a renewed focus on the quiet beauty of simple form + pared-back materials…an identity we gave to the house that will continue through each space. Casual game nights always involve someone sitting on the floor, so we chose a soft rug with furnishings that sit low to the ground + have repetitive color schemes – which subtly call you to relaxation + lounging. Artwork and textural changes in interior accessories bring in whimsical playfulness + provide a cozy backdrop for conversation.

    NW Hills Forest Park, PDX
    Full Interior Design
    Rick Boston
    Caleb Vandermeer Photography