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    Looking to creatively downsize and age in place, our clients Jim + Janet had the brilliant idea to sell their 4,500 sq. ft. Craftsman four-square to their daughter and her growing family, and build an 800 sq. ft. ADU for themselves in the spacious backyard. Polyphon Architecture had already completed the floor plan + kitchen design, and brought us in for full interior design. Downsizing from such a large home posed some obvious challenges, and we wanted to focus on helping our clients keep pieces that mattered, minimize clutter, and live in a simpler manner. Their amazing art collection, including two original Escher works, helped dictate much of the pieces they kept, as well as the new pieces and materials we recommended. The saturated, colorful artwork called for a more neutral palette to truly let it shine, as well as bold pops of color to compliment and pull out the the tones of the artwork. We think the resulting space stays true to a modern, clean aesthetic, while definitely letting our client’s personal style shine through.

    Irvington, PDX
    Full Interior Design
    Polyphon Architecture & Design, Hammer & Hand
    Polyphon Architecture & Design