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    We collaborated with Buckenmeyer Architecture on the remodel of this Craftsman Bungalow to create a more functional entry, kid’s bathroom, and master bathroom for this family of four. Plans had already been completed moving the front door from the center of the front facade to the right allowing for a more cohesive living area + dedicated entry, as well as the construction of a new bathroom in what was previously a closet at the top of the stairs. Introspecs was brought in to fine tune interior layout + choose materials for these spaces.

    An active + busy family, we wanted the entry to be as intuitively functional as possible. We provided ample storage in the form of built-in cabinets, shoe storage, and plenty of hooks. The full height tile on the main entry wall was an original request and is a playful statement that greets visitors immediately and speaks to the personality of their family. It beautifully coordinates with the bold exterior paint color to create a unique procession. 

    Both bathroom layouts were fairly intuitive due to the unique room outlines. The newly formed kid’s bathroom stays mature as the kids are on the brink of teenage-dom. Different scaled hex tiles on the walls + floors add a playful touch, while the classic color palette of white and charcoal will age well with the two young teens. In the master, we selected muted warm grays with the elegant Calacatta hex floor tile giving it an elevated feel. The shower also functions as a steam room allowing the couple maximum relaxation in their downtime.

    Mt. Tabor, PDX
    Exterior, Entry + Bathroom Design
    Buckenmeyer Architecture, Interworks PDX
    Jeff Amram Photography