Narrow Alley to Open Galley

When contacted by Building Blocks for design on client Pam’s funky, angled 50′s-style kitchen, Introspecs immediately envisioned the removal and reorganization of several cabinets, opening up the work space for a galley kitchen. With the goal of uniting the galley kitchen – both visually and spatially – with the adjacent dining room, Introspecs shifted and enlarged the passageway. Introspecs also matched the historic archway at the entry of the dining room to create continuity in architectural details between rooms.

Pam regularly hosts friends and family, often late into the evening, so having comfortable seating adjacent to the work zones was a priority. Utilizing “less is more,” Introspecs streamlined the layout, increased functionality in the cabinetry, and created built-in storage and seating in the window nook.