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    2013 Holiday Gift Guide

    Need some help with gift shopping?! We have collected a wonderful list of local, well designed, woodsy & winter, holiday inspired gifts for friends and family! All the products on this list can be found in Portland-owned shops and many are made in Portland!

    FOR HER: 1. Gold Leather Bracelet, from Alder & Co. 2. Pendleton Portland Collection Scarf, from Tilde. 3. Timber Votive, from Vanillawood. 4. Bunny Slippers! from Alder & Co.


    FOR HIM: 1. Wildwood Scent Bar Soap, from Tanner Goods. 2. ‘Stache Wax, from Wolf’s Apothecary. 3. Workman Wallet, from Tanner Goods. 4. Son of a Sailor Opinel Folding Knife, from Tilde.


    FOR KIDS: 1. Terrarium Kit, from Bridge City Mercantile. 2. Fox Scarf, from Tender Loving Empire. 3. Slingshot, from Woonwinkel.


    FOR THE CAMPER: 1. Otter Wax, from Canoe. 2. Campfire Game Kit, from Wildfang. 3. Pendleton National Park Series Blanket, from Canoe.


    FOR THE CHEF/BREWER: 1. Nell & Mary Root Vegetable Tea Towel, from Tilde. 2. Portland Growler Company Growlers, from Red Sail. 3. Baker’s Twine, from Porch Light.


    FOR THE NEWLY MOVED: 1. Moufelt Coasters, from Tilde. 2. Bronze Stars, from Canoe. 3. Les Perles Stacking Candlesticks, from Woonwinkel. 4. Forest Plaid Pillow, from School House Electric.


    FOR THE PLANT LOVER: 1. Brass Leaf Dishes, from Vanillawood. 2. Hot Stuff Growing Kit, from Bridge City Mercantile. 3. Boxcar Planters, from Red Sail.


    FOR THE STUMPTOWNER: 1. Steel Bridge Cuff Links, from Bridge City Mercantile. 2. St. John’s Bridge Cuff, from Red Sail. 3. Portland Cross-cut Wood Ornaments, from Tender Loving Empire. 4. Stumptown Coffee Soap, from Tender Loving Empire.