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    Trends | Hexagons

    Over the last couple years we have observed the rising trend of hexagon-shaped products popping up in the interior design market – hexagons show up on walls, ceilings and in furniture design. And now after the most recent Neocon* in June, where ‘Hexagon,’ a new carpet tile shape by Shaw Contract Group was released and won a silver medal, we think the trend is here to stay. We don’t know if it is the six equal sides and six equal angles, the puzzle-like way that multiple hexagons fit perfectly together or the inherent reference to nature (beehives!) that makes them so aesthetically pleasing, but we love them and want to share our most recent hexagon-shaped discoveries!

    (*Neocon is the annual release of innovative and new interior products in a showroom style event.)

    1. ‘Hexagon’ by Shaw Carpets – shaped carpet tiles are a new way to define space and create places of pause with a fun, new twist on tile shape and pattern making. (images from


    2. Armstrong ‘Soundscapes’ hexagon ceiling tiles – these ceiling tiles are used to aesthetically define space, while controlling acoustics. They come in a wide variety of modular shapes and a range of colors, but we especially love the hexagon application! (image from


    3. ‘Hex’ Pendant Lamp by Resident Studio – a black or white hexagonal aluminum channel forms the main shape of this luminaire – we love that you could use this over a table as a highlighting element or in a series to define a larger interior space. (image from


    4. Keidos tiles by MUT – hexagonal cement floor tiles designed to imitate patterns seen through a kaleidoscope… need we say more? Four different tile designs can be mixed and matched to create a large range of patterns. (image from


    5. ‘Without Thread’ Lighting by Paul Menand – hexagonal shaped cones help distribute light from these candle-only powered luminaires. (image from


    6. ‘Hexagon’ by Steven Holl for Horm – a modular system made of two units which when set next to each other create infinite layouts. It can be used as a table or a chair and is suitable for both indoors and out. We see this working really well in a laid back waiting room or entry environment. (image from


    7. ‘Isom’ glass tables by Sebastian Scherer – a hexagonal top rest on three vertical pieces, looks like an isometric drawing of a cube from certain angles. (image from


    8. Hexagon wall (and ceiling tiles) – these are made of wooden wool, cement and water. The are primarily used for their acoustic properties, however they also help regulate temperature and moisture in a space. The best part about these little guys (beside how cool they look) is that they are applied using magnets (you can use glue, but magnets are the recommended application), so these beauties can potentially move with a home, office or retail space. (image from


    9. ‘Cloud’ table by Lorens – a clever honeycomb shaped, modular table which can come in a variety of configurations and be used as a desk or as an element in a living room. (image from