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    Love {exposed} lamp

    Generally, when we hear or think of the term lamp, we think of lights (or if you want to be specific in terminology, luminaires): table lights, pendants, wall mounted or sconces, recessed or floor lights. However, the term “lamp,” technically speaking, actually refers to the bulb inside the light. Due to an interest in sustainable design and an effort to create more efficient options, the lighting industry has seen recent developments in lamp or bulb design, with designers testing new shapes and material options for innovative lamps (like LEDs and shaped fluorescents). Reflecting this new interest in bulb design, more and more lighting designers today are choosing to showcase the lamps (new and old) in their luminaires. While traditional luminaire design centered around hiding or covering the lamp and reflecting light, many new lights expose the bulb and integrate it into the design. We love it!

    Here are some lights, with exposed lamps, that we adore:

    1. Limited-edition ‘Vessels’ series for UK manufacturer Decode, designed especially to house the ‘Plumen 001’ bulb (beautifully designed light bulb, that looks lovely on its own too). (image from

    2. Shanghai designer Zhili Liu has designed a series of lighting inspired by birds – this one is called Sparrow. (image from

    3. Skog Lamps by Caroline Olsson for Magnor Glassverk. (image from

    4. GIFU, designed by María del Pilar Velasco and Pau Stephens, shown at the Milan Furniture Fair 2012. The lamps are made of wood and inspired by animals from the Savannah. (image from

    5. Limited Edition Ball Lights in Gold, by London-based lighting designer Michael Anastassiades. (image from