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    Merry-making Holiday Design DIYs!

    Do you need something to help you relax during the busy holiday season? Maybe something productive AND fun? How about a few holiday design DIYs! Crafting is a great way to keep your hands and mind occupied; which can help to reduce stress and increase motivation around busy times of the year. Plus you can cozy up to a fire with a glass of wine and play holiday tunes while you work!

    Introspecs has handpicked a few stylish crafts to help you get started. We collected most of these DIY projects from Pinterest (you can find the Introspecs’ DIY board here) and all of these make great holiday décor items as well as homemade gifts. We think most of them seem pretty easy and affordable to make (disclaimer: make at your own risk and beware the “Pinterest Fail”). Links to instructions are after each image.

    1. DIY Snow Globes! How fun are these?! They could make great stocking stuffers!


    DIY on the right.

    DIY on the left.

    2. DIY Fancy Party/Drink Glasses. If you need inspiration for what to fill these with try: a mulled wine recipe from Gimme Some Oven or Minimalist Baker’s “Winter Bourbon Smash.”


    DIY Gold Mug.

    DIY Copper Shot Glass. (We also like the idea of using the technique on mason jars, see below!)

    Goldglass1(image via Pinterest)

    3. Paper Garlands. The paper loops could be used as a “countdown” chain or advent calendar.


    DIY Fall Leaf Garland.

    DIY Paper Chain.

    4. Rosemary and clementine wreaths. Both of these work well as (temporary) décor or gifts.


    DIY Rosemary Wreath.


    DIY Clementine Wreath.

    5. Ornaments, duh!


    DIY Glittery Plastic Animal Ornaments.


    DIY Stamped Salt Dough Ornaments.

    DIY Donut Ornament.

    6. Additional Gifts and Décor DIYs:


    DIY Tea Towels.


    DIY Wine-stoppers.


    DIY Etched Wooden Spoons.


    DIY Trivet Right.

    DIY Trivet Left.