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    balad lamp from Fermob available at yliving

    Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Summer

    Happy summer solstice from the Introspecs team! Hope you enjoy the longest day of the year.

    In honor of the solstice, we’re sharing some ideas for outdoor lighting, in case you want to linger outside even longer. It’s a great time of year to enliven your outdoor living spaces and lighting can have a huge impact on functionality and atmosphere.

    Above: Elegant and simple. Balad Lamp from Fermob available at in standing and portable versions.

    globe portable LED DWR

    Above: A perfect sphere of light. Globe Portable LED Lamp available at

    Disc Lights from Pigeon Toe CeramicsAbove: Extra special string lights. From Pigeon Toe Ceramics, Portland, OR.

    All the best wishes for a terrific summer!