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    Fall Mood Boards

    Introspecs LOVES fall! So we decided it would be fun to do some fall-inspired mood boards!

    We came up with 3 autumn themes to use as inspiration: Changing Leaves, Pumpkin Latte and Haunted House. The themes were applied relatively abstractly and we found elements that evoked the color palette and textural feeling of each one. We also found some eclectic and fun pieces that matched up perfectly with the themes.



    Changing Leaves

    This mood board uses greens, yellows and hints of orange to represent the transitional colors of fall. Wood furniture elements are added to ground the palette and add the neutral tones that are ever present in autumn. There is a mash-up of softer elements and harder elements: mimicking the contrast of soft piles of leaves and bare branches of fall!

    Products: Vegetal Stacking Chair, Vitra Algue, Claude Walnut Two-Drawer Set, SoSo Wall Clock, Horned Owl Lamp, Yesterday Island Lamp, f230 Libel Lounge, Bravoure Rug, Corail Red Chair, Petal Coffee Table, Heracleum Suspension Light



    Pumpkin Latte

    Inspired by a popular fall drink, the Pumpkin Latte mood board is meant to represent the curl-up-on-your-sofa side of fall. Orange tones, creams, white, greys and wood create a bright, but calm backdrop for a cozy living space. Softer, rounded-elements, matte finishes and layers of texture play off the visual characteristics of pumpkins and foamy steamed milk.

    Products: Bubble Lamp, Café Style Coffee Press, Bell Lamp, 379 McQueen Bedside Chest, ch468 Lounge Chair, Redondo 3-seat Sofa, Tabla Pillow, Nesta Rug

    Haunted House

    Haunted House

    When we thought of the Haunted House theme and how it could translate to an interiors mood board we thought that reflective surfaces, black & white (like a Noir film!) with hints of red, would be perfect! Many of the elements we chose for this board are modern pieces inspired by furniture from the past, helping to highlight the theme.

    Products: Front Page Magazine Rack, Horn Candle Holders, Crystal Head Vodka, Claude Four-Drawer Console, Cyborg Chair, Sandro Chia Fingernail’s Work Tray, Kaipo Too Table Lamp, Smoke Chair, Zeppelin Pendant