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    For May Flowers

    As May nears its close we all get to rejoice in the transition into summer. We can’t help but relish in how much we love this time of year in the Pacific Northwest: the flowers are blooming, the sun is (mostly out) and the days are getting longer – which means more time with friends and family out of doors. Last summer we featured some lovely ideas for making your outdoor spaces special, but this year we wanted to feature some fun ways to bring the outdoors in, especially since many of us spend a portion of our days inside the office or home.

    Here we have collected some modern and fun options for indoor planters so you can enjoy the highlights of this season all year long.



    Revolution Design Boxcar Planter

    We especially love these handmade wood boxcar planters by Revolution Design House, which you can find locally at tilde. We love how you can nest these planters together or pull them apart, which makes for a playful centerpiece at a dining or coffee table. BONUS: These are made in Portland Oregon!



    Boskke Cube Clear 3 Plant Pot

    For those who forget to water their plants, this planter is perfect. It is modern and clever in its design – exposing the “roots” with a transparent casing. It can hold 3 small plants, which would make it perfect for growing herbs in a kitchen windowsill. The best part? It has a large water reservoir and uses a Slo-Flo watering system; which means you only need to water it once a month!




    Light + Ladder Hex Spora Planter

    These are easy to mount and can be used to create a mini-installation with air plants or succulents in your house. We love that these can be mounted on a wall or set on a table and arranged in a pattern of your liking (and also be changed).



    Rephorm Steckling Cube Planter

    This planter isn’t exactly for use indoors, but we thought it was interesting and it is perfect for a condo or apartment with a balcony space. It hangs on a railing or balustrade and we think it would be nice to use several in a row, each with a different flower planted inside.



    Boskke Sky Planter

    Slightly confusing at first glance (upside down plants, what?) we love how these charming planters could be used creatively with lighting to create a sort of living chandelier over a dining table or kitchen island.



    Dinosaur Planter

    We love this idea! You can find all sorts of dinosaur and animal planters ready for purchase on Etsy, but we also think these would be pretty easy to make with access to wood-working tools (mainly a drill press). Perfect for a kid’s rooms or as a whimsical table centerpiece.