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    Milan Design Week 2014

    Milan Design Week just wrapped up on Sunday and we wanted to share a little recap of some of the items we found to be standouts from the week-long showcase of new products, lighting and furniture!

    Starting in 1961, Milan Design Week, or Salone del Mobile Milano, is a yearly exhibition which features new furniture and products from around the world. It is a leading venue for the displaying upcoming trends in lighting and product design and showcases upcoming designers who are frontrunners in the industry. It contains thousands of booths and pop-up displays and is the most attended events of its kind in the world (attendees come from over 150 countries), and it continues to grow each year.

    It was hard to narrow them down, but we’ve chosen 9 of our favorite new products featured in Milan this year:


    1. Basket Chair for Gaber, by Alessandro Busana. Love the variety of options for this!

    2. Ludovica (light + bookend) for Zanocchi & Starke. Clever 2 in 1!

    3. East River Chair for Vitra, by Hella Jongerius. Everything Hella Jongerius makes is amazing!

    4. Plateau for Punt, by Note Design Studio. Love the move-ability and flexibility of this! Perfect for the urban nomad!

    5. Wallpapers for NLXL, by Studio Job. The depth of these patterns are amazing!

    6. Moire Jewelry for Ventura Lambrate, by David Derksen. Pendants made from chemically etched brass overlaid with stainless steel – modern and sophisticated with beautiful effects.

    7. Radar chairs by Claesson Koivisto Rune. Chairs that create a “room within a room.”

    8. Snowscape Cabinet by Junpei Tamaki and Iori Tamaki. We adore how the layers of the metal mesh creates a snowflake pattern!

    9. Light by YOY Design Studio. Ingenious – LED table and floor lamps that cast the shape of a shade onto a surface.