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    Molded Forms Concrete Furniture – Products

    Concrete is familiar: made of cement, water and stone aggregates it is one of the most used building materials today. Concrete technology has existed since the ancient Romans and concrete has been being used as a modern building material since the mid-18th century. It is strong, hard, easily cast on site (usually from local resources), fire resistant and is a wonderful insulating material. Concrete is an incredibly versatile material, which is used widely in architecture for foundations, walls, pavement, pools, pipes, fences and more recently has become a popular interior finish for floors, counters and walls. Since concrete is poured into a mold, it can be formed into unlimited shapes, given a variety of textures and dyed or stained to match other material specifications in a project; providing a lot of possibilities for interior design use. We have also noticed the use of concrete as a current trend in the furniture and product design industry: concrete tables, chairs, lamps, wall panels and home products have popped up on design blogs, pinterest and in furniture shops all over the place. And if you don’t want to buy someone else’s concrete-made product, there are also a ton of DIY concrete form projects out on the web (check this one out and make your own concrete plant pots! – link) Introspecs is really inspired by this material experimentation and wanted to share some of the most original, boundary-testing concrete products we have discovered lately.


    1. A concrete curtain. (crazy, right?)

    2. Concrete rings by studio 22.

    3. Concrete speakers (with DIY instructions) from

    4. A concrete formed seat that looks like upholstery by designer Eric Billig. (awesome!) The designer swears it is comfortable to sit on.

    5. “Stitched Concrete” furniture by designer Florian Schmid.

    6. Trabant, a concrete formed luminaire by Joachim Manz. (love the texture!)

    7. “P_Wall” made of formed panels.

    8. “Bullet” collection of concrete lamps by Studio Itai Bar-On.