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    Redefining The Curtain

    Curtain |’k?rtn|

    noun; a piece of material suspended at the top to form a covering or screen, typically one of a pair at a window.

    Or our interpretation: the traditional, relatively over-done interior sun-shading (and insulating) device considered a favorite amongst interior home decorators OR the heavy drapery that closes at the end of each Act of a play. And while they are functional and practical (don’t worry, we still are ok with the traditional uses when appropriate), both of these options are outdated, unimaginative ways of thinking about a piece of material that slides along a track. Instead, we like to think of curtains as a new flexible medium for interior design and space making, and we’d like to redefine the term…

    Curtains are room definers and can be used to break larger spaces into smaller ones. Curtains can be tented, wrapped, hooked, folded and pitched to form soft undulating interior surfaces. Curtains can add color, texture and become light filters (they can be sheer, laser cut with patterns or layered); adding variety and movement to space.

    Curtains are acoustic barriers and sound absorbers. Curtains can be made of soft or hard (though, pliable) materials (coil draperies, wood, or a combination of fabric and harder materials). Curtains are flexible space definers that can be opened and closed, thick or thin and can be temporary or permanent additions to a space (relatively simple construction experience is needed to implement or remove them).

    Curtains can become moving, lit, façade elements that catch a passer-by’s eye. Curtains can become ceilings or walls, or even furniture (with the right supports).

    Thus, we redefine CURTAIN, (bold and capitalized, because it deserves it) as: a room definer, space creator and intrigue maker; acoustic and light controller; colorful and unlimited in materiality options; temporary or permanent, flexible, moveable, and light-able addition to interior space!