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    Trend – Patterned Floors

    We wanted to share some inspiration and eye-candy with you all for this post and decided to feature a growing trend in interior design: patterned, dynamic flooring. There are many ways to do this with carpet, tile, wood, luxury vinyl tile or by using a blend of several materials. Patterned floors work well in otherwise neutral spaces and give a room a hint of the eclectic, funky and unique. It can also be used as a way to highlight spaces within open plan homes (like a permanent area rug). We really love a fun floor for bathrooms; since they are a small spaces and usually informal which means you can have fun with them! Check out more of the images we found on our Pinterest page here.

    Tile highlighting an entry and a herringbone pattern with different colors of wood stains:

    Pattern10(images from and

    Patterned tile floors – products that are specifically made to mix and match:

    Pattern9(images from

    A FLOR area carpet on the right and carpet tiles of varying colors in a herringbone pattern:

    Pattern8(images from and

    Concrete with paint and decorative tiles inlaid into concrete pavers – used to create a rug effect:

    Pattern11(images from and

    Mixed materials – wood and tile. These combinations help create emphasis and delineate space:

    Pattern6(images from and

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